Olympism in general and secondary education institutions (lecturer – prof. M.M. Bulatova)

Fundamentals of periodization of many years and annual training (lecturer – prof. V.M. Platonov)

Olympic sport – history and modernity. Part 1 (lecturer – prof. M.M. Bulatova)

Olympic sport – history and modernity. Part 2 (lecturer – prof. M.M. Bulatova)

The development of endurance: a modern system of knowledge. (lecturer – prof. V.M. Platonov)

Basics of a balanced diet. (lecturer – I.S. Sivash)

Coordination, agility, flexibility, speed: a modern system of knowledge (lecturer – prof. V.M. Platonov)

Pharmacological support of the training process of athletes (lecturer – prof. L.M. Gunina)

Athlete and self-isolation: psychological aspects (lecturer – N.L. Vysochina)

Fundamentals of training athletes in this situation (lecturer – prof. V.M. Platonov)

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